REAL Studio Training Reviews

The reviews of our Real Studio video training!

“They are well made and thus very helpful. I’m not a professional developer at all, but with your help I can now start to create stuff that until now I could only dream about.”

– Gert

“I programme in BASIC for over 20 years and I have programmed and taught professionally in Visual Basic for over 12 years. As the VB was deprecated by Microsoft, I’ve been looking for a language with RAD as a good replacement for VB.  After trying the DotNet for a year, I decided not to use it, and so I met REALBasic, and then BKeeney Software.
Their training videos have been extremely valuable in assisting me to adapt my knowledge of VB to the RB. Furthermore, I was answered immediately by the the first contact, and in a very helpful way.  Quickly, I realized all the care and professionalism in the company’s work, and I can testify that the professionals actually know what they do.  So I highly recommend BKeeney Software. They are perfect to bring the appropriate solution to fulfill your business needs.”

– Prof. Alex Silva, VS Courses, Brasil

“…it’s clear that these videos are a very valuable resource for both newer and seasoned developers. If you want to learn REALbasic, or pick up tips you missed while teaching yourself, BKeeney Software’s REALbasic Training Videos are an excellent choice.”

Review from REALbasic Developer Magazine May/June 2010  rbg_rbdrating


“I would like to put in a plug for  There are an excellent set of video tutorials on realbasic including a set on making an application. I have subscribed and am working my way through them. I can say they have been well worth the money…”

Comment from RB Forums user Matthew

“Speaking as someone who’s worked on REALbasic’s language, framework and IDE for many years, I can honestly say there are no resources out there quite like these training videos. If you are interested in learning REALbasic the right way, this is the way to do it. It’s like getting to sit down with an experienced mentor, without ever having to leave your computer!”

– Aaron Ballman, former REAL Software engineer

BKeeney Software’s Realbasic training videos are just what I needed.  When I watched the free videos and started picking up tips I never knew after years of Realbasic development I was convinced these would become part of my continuing Realbasic education.



“This is Great.  I am a new student to programming, and this is a great launch-board for me to follow along as I build your Journal Entry Project at my own speed.”



“My compliments – I really like the way how you’re showing and explaining.  Far better than reading a book or just trying on one’s own.  You seem to have a good balance.  It’s not that basic that one stops watching immediately, because it might seem boring and it’s not that “high-level” that a beginner wouldn’t understand what’s going on.  Even I who have been using REALbasic for a few years learned a few things, just by seeing someone else using the product in a different way.”



“Bob’s video tutorials are excellent. I could offer some suggestions on how to make them even better, but for those of us who are just getting started, it’s a great way to gets some hands on experience creating some excellent tools.”

Comment from RB Forums user jjfcpa

“I was new to RealStudio, in fact new to object oriented and event driven programming, having spent my career using complex spreadsheets and databases. Bob’s video’s moved me up the stack quickly and helped me to bridge that huge gap in my knowledge.”

-Jim P

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