Text Input Canvas

The Text Input Canvas (TIC) plugin from Xojo is the only way to get proper text handling in a Canvas class.  In reality, the move to Cocoa from Carbon really messed a good thing up.  The old canvas text handling was easy but since Cocoa has so many buzzers and bells there was no way that Xojo could retrofit what it needed into the control.  Voila!  The Text Input Canvas Plugin was born out of necessity.

The full source of the TextInputCanvas plugin is at https://github.com/xojo/TextInputCanvas and it is highly recommended that you view that code.

The Formatted Text Control was retrofitted to use TIC.  Thankfully this wasn’t a long, drawn out conversion, but it did take a while to get all of the use cases figured out.

The example project below was what we received from Xojo when the TIC was introduced.  Sadly, it has minimal documentation on the events and we were left to glean whatever information we could.  It’s pretty much in the same state.  However, outside of FTC I’m not sure there’s anything else out there.

Text Input Canvas Example (66.7 KiB, 1010 downloads)

This page will get updated as time permits.