Task Timer Version History

Version Release Date What’s Changed
5.0.8 Oct. 14, 2011 Bug Fix: [MacOS Lion] Fixed a memory leak in MacOS Lion.
5.0.7 Sept. 26, 2011 Bug Fix: [MacOS Lion] Calendar wasn’t showing correctly in MacOS X Lion.
5.0.6 Aug. 31, 2011 Enhancement: [ALL] Update project and task totals for running timers.
Enhancement: [ALL] Backup/restore functionality added (accessed via the Utilities menu).
Enhancement: [ALL] Make the comment and timer detail section resizable.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Event window task list showed deleted global tasks.
5.0.5 March 23, 2011 Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed a problem with running totals on the timer window.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed a crash that a few people were encountering when starting a timer from the menu.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed several bugs and made a number of improvements to the iPhone sync.
5.0.4 Feb. 15, 2011 Bug Fix: [ALL] Projects that had been synced to a database couldn’t be deleted.
5.0.3 Feb. 9, 2011 Bug Fix: [Windows] Fixed a problem that caused Task Timer to crash at startup in Windows.
5.0.2 Jan. 12, 2011 Bug Fix: [ALL] Cancelled timers were restarting when the program restarts.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Time totals were including deleted events on the timer window.
5.0.1 Jan. 5, 2011 Bug Fix: [ALL] Deleted projects and tasks were showing up in the project list and on reports.
5.0.0 Dec. 17, 2010 Enhancement: [ALL] Added ability to synchronize data with Task Timer for iPhone.
Enhancement: [ALL] Add an option to preferences to allow timers to allow timers to resume when the program is restarted.
Enhancement: [ALL] Allow copying a task from one project to another in the Project Editor.
4.3.8 July 5, 2010 Bug Fix [ALL] Fixed a bug that kept events from being joined.
Bug Fix [ALL] Project/Task Editor, the names are now case sensitive when checking for dirty status.
4.3.7 May 11, 2010 Bug Fix: [ALL] If the Timing window’s last location is out of bounds (as when users are using two monitors) it will reset to the main screen.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed an error when splitting events when using global events
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed an error on the query for summary reports subtotaled by week
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed an error on the query for summary reports subtotaled by month
Enhancement: [ALL] When holding the control key at startup the Timing window location is reset to the main screen.
4.3.6 May 2, 2010 Bug Fix [ALL] Fixed erroneous validation error when joining events where one or more events contains a global task.
Bug Fix [ALL] Fixed error that occurred when joining an event that had a global task.
Bug Fix [ALL] Right clicking on a Global Task and selecting edit will now take you to the Global Task Editor rather than the Project/Task Editor
4.3.5 April 7, 2010 Enhancement: [ALL] Added additional logic to eliminate sporadic errors when joining and splitting events
Bug Fix: [ALL] Bumped the registration check to a much longer period
Enhancement: [ALL] Added some additional logic to handle problems with the preferences file
Enhancement: [ALL] Did some code optimization
4.3.4 March 19, 2010 Bug Fix: [Mac] Elapsed timer badge now erases properly from the dock icon when timers are stopped.
Bug Fix: [Mac] Elapsed timer badge text size adjusted to fit better.
Bug Fix: [All] Fixed a minor memory leak.
Enhancement: [Mac] Added preference to show daily summary on dock and menu.
Enhancement: [All] Added Project/Task Editor button on the timing window toolbar
Enhancement: [All] Added contextual menu click (right click) for items in the timing window to take you quickly to the project/task editor
4.3.3 March 12, 2010 Bug Fix: [Mac] Fixed a bug on the Dock Icon Badge if a particular Typeface was missing from system.
Bug Fix: [Windows] Controls at the bottom fo the Reporting manager listbox now refresh properly.
Enhancement: [Mac] Added a Daily Total Badge to the dock icon
Enhancement: [Mac] Added the Daily Total to the status menu item
4.3.2 January 26, 2010 Enhancement: [ALL] Added menu option to Utility menu to show the data file in Finder/Explorer.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed a database inconsistency when saving data.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed an error in the Summary Report when summarized by day with times other than the default
4.3.1 January 23, 2010 Bug Fix: [ALL] Doing a summary report with daily subtotals that crosses month and year boundaries now works properly.
Bug Fix: [Windows] Printing reports now works again.
4.3.0 January 2, 2010 Enhancement: [ALL] Can now duplicate Projects and Tasks from within the Project Editor.
Enhancement: [ALL] Now have multiple color options for charts.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Report filtering now works as it should.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed column spacing between Hours and Notes on Events report when printing in Portrait mode.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Chart text can now be localized.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Database server users: Deleted projects/tasks no longer show up in the Events editors.
Bug Fix: [ALL] License codes should no longer have to be reactivated manually every month or so.
4.2.5 November 16, 2009 Bug Fix: [ALL] Events List Window. Sorting by start/stop times now works properly.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Timing window column totals now refreshes after the events window has been updated.
Enhancement: [Mac] Dock menu is now hierarchical.
Enhancement: [Mac] Status menu is now hierarchical.
Enhancement: [Mac] Will ask if you want to copy Task Timer to applications folder if it starts up elsewhere.
Enhancement: [Windows] Added a system tray icon that allows user to start/stop timers without switching to Task Timer
4.2.3 November 3, 2009 Bug Fix: [ALL] Changed the way the Activation Window works.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Changed Synchronization diagnostic.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Embedded Webstore Now Only has platform correct Task Timer and no other products.
4.2.2 October 28, 2009 Bug Fix: [ALL] Can now activate the application without being connected to the internet.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Fixed an issue in the setup dialog requiring the user to click continue twice to get past the EULA.
4.2.1 October 23, 2009 Bug Fix: [Windows] Timing window rows are now fully highlighted rather than just the node text.
Bug Fix: [Windows] Project/Task editor list rows are now fully highlighted rather than just the node text.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Activate/Deactivate menus now enable/disable properly based on registration status.
Bug Fix: [ALL] Selecting Cancel Timer when no timer was selected no longer results in an error.
4.2 October 22, 2009 New Feature: [All] Added estimate double fields to projects and tasks.
New Feature: [All] Now have the ability to force the display to decimal hours via preference setting.
New Feature: [All] Events Editor columns can now be sorted and when reloaded it will remember the sort.
New Feature: [All] Actual vs Estimate performance is graphed (optionally) on the timer window now.
New Feature: [All] New Summary Report with Daily/Monthly Subtotals.
New Feature: [All] New Registration/Licensing System.
Bug Fix: [All] Removed Speech menu and Submenu from build. Not used.
Bug Fix: [Windows] Data export window now has the menu enabled.
Bug Fix: [All] Events Editor Bar Charts now have a dark background instead of white.
Bug Fix: [All] Events Editor: Fixed the tab order when editing an event.
Bug Fix: [All] Events Editor: Column widths are now saved.
Bug Fix: [All] Project/Task Editor: Changing the case of the project/task name and descriptions fields now dirties the record.
Bug Fix: [Mac] Waking up from sleep and starting a timer immediately will no longer cause an error.
4.1.8 October 5, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Deleting a Project now deletes the appropriate Task and Events
Bug Fix: [All] Deleting a Task now deletes the appropriate Events
Bug Fix: [Windows] The End User License Agreement use appropriate line endings now
4.1.7 August 25, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Fixed a bug where the Idle timer would not stop timers.
4.1.6 August 11, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Switching database servers wouldn’t reset the user server id
Enhancement: [All] Now do a sanity check on the users server id to make sure it exists
4.1.5 June 22, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Date Range popups/dropdowns strings in Reporting and Charting Windows can now be localized.
Enhancement: [All] Now shipping with mostly complete German translations.
4.1.4 May 28, 2009 Bug Fix: [Windows]Fixed an error when starting a timer.
Enhancement: [All] Added instructions to the help file on how to change the chart in the Events editor.
4.1.3 May 27, 2009 Enhancement: [Mac] Status menu now allows you to start/stop timers even when it’s not the forefront application
Enhancement: [Mac] Status menu shows current elapsed time even when it’s not the forefront application
Enhancement: [Mac] You can now start/stop timers from the dock menu (contextual click)
Enhancement: [All] New charting windows (under the Report menu) allows to see your data visually.
Enhancement: [All] Events Editor. See the time you’ve spent on your projects in pie and bar charts
Enhancement: [All] Events Editor. You can now increment/decrement time using keyboard shortcuts
Enhancement: [All] Events Editor. You can now print events reports directly from this window.
Bug Fix: [All] Reports and Events editor. Events were displayed in a time period if either start or stop event occurred in that period. Now only if the start occurred in the time period.
Bug Fix: [All] Optimized the reports so they will print regardless of orientation.
4.0.16 May 8, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Setting the the minimum reporting time is now saved properly in reports.
Bug Fix: [All] Localizations Editor can now only be opened once.
Enhancement: [All] Localizations Editor window can be maximized.
Enhancement: [All] Localizations can be deleted by selecting a phrase and pressing the DEL or Backspace Key.
Bug Fix: [All] The last update check information is now saved correctly on the preferences window.
Enhancement: [All] English localizations can be now be copied. Select the phrase and double click on the left column. Select and copy the text as needed.
4.0.15 May 5, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] When using a localization other than English you couldn’t edit events. This is now fixed.
Bug Fix: [All] Editor Window. Clicking the column headers no longer sorts the list.
Bug Fix: [All] Preferences Window: The day of week names are localizable
Bug Fix: [All] Toolbars are now localizable.
Bug Fix: [All] Localized strings now are added in English if they are not already in the database if the user is using anything other than English.
Enhancement: [All] Made the total elapsed times on the main timing window work better.
Enhancement: [All] Added an alternative method of registering without the need to hit the registration servers.
4.0.14 April 27, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Registration URL error.
4.0.13 April 23, 2009 Bug Fix: [Mac] No longer generates an error when going to/waking up from sleep.
Enhancement: [Mac] All exception are logged in the system console.
Enhancement: [All] Joining events now automatically selects the first project and task in their respective popup menus.
4.0.12 April 22, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] No longer asks if you want to add sample data on every start.
4.0.11 April 22, 2009 Bug Fix: [All] Added the missing public key for Sparkle updates.
Bug Fix: [All] Added the missing localization db to the resources folder.
Bug Fix: [All] At first startup, it really checks to see if you have a version 3 data file (before it always found one even when there wasn’t one).
4.0.10 April 22, 2009 Initial public release

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