Task Timer Origins

I created Task Timer over 8 years ago.  Like all good pieces of software I wrote it to solve one of my needs, tracking the time I was spending on a projects.

At the time I had the honor and privilege to stay at home with my newborn son.  I was working part-time for a local company working on printer drivers and as you can imagine, my work time came in dribs and drabs;  20 minutes here, 20 minutes there.  At the end of the day I’d guestimate how much I had worked and turn that in.

I suspected, but couldn’t prove, that I was under reporting how much I was working.  So Task Timer was born as a simple way to track the time I spent on a project.

Task Timer (originally called Project Timer), was very simple.  The main timing window had a popup menu for projects and one for tasks and a start/stop button.  That’s it!

And it worked well because in the first week my billing increased by 20%.  Imagine if you could increase your billing by 20% just by clicking a button!