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Never lose money again!  If you can’t tell your boss, or your client, how much time you spent on a project then you’re losing money!  How do you know if your estimate are accurate?  Do you have the ability to track your your projects down to the nearest minute or do you guess at the end of the day or even week? New in Task Timer 5, synchronize Task Timer + for iOS with your desktop version!  It’s as simple as getting on the same wireless network

Task Timer lets you quickly and easily create an unlimited number of project/task combinations.  Using our unique exact start and stop times you can show your boss or your client exactly when you started or stopped any particular task.  Task Timer allows an unlimited number of simultaneous timer or alternatively only one-at-a-time.  Easily modify the start time of any event and quickly add comments to a currently timed event.   See our new introduction tutorial!

Reporting with Task Timer is quick and easy with our new custom reporting tools.  Specify a relative date range, like ‘Last Week’ or ‘Last Quarter’ and Task Timer will generate the reports using that relative date range.  This makes tracking and reporting your hours simple and easy.  Add your own custom report definitions to the Reporting menu to make it even faster!

If you work in an office with multiple people Task Timer can automatically synchronize your database with a database server.  If you leave the office Task Timer will attempt to sync to the database when it can but all data is local to your machine so it works while you’re away from the office! Feature List

  • Sync with Task Timer for iPhone
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited number of project tasks
  • Unlimited number of global tasks (that each project can share)
  • Custom reports using relative date ranges
  • Duplicate reports with a click and easily modify the report parameters
  • Export reports to PDF, CSV format, Tab Delimited, and Microsoft Excel © formats
  • Automatic updates on Mac OS X using the Sparkle framework
  • Automatic error reporting on Mac OS X using Crash Reporter from Unsanity
  • Time multiple events or enforce a single timer rule
  • See current elapsed time in the Mac OS X dock icon
  • View daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals without having to leave the main window
  • Quickly view and edit daily, weekly, and monthly events in the Events editor
  • Join and Separate events in the events editor
  • Synchronize data between your local machine and a number of popular database servers
  • Localize your data from English
Task Timer 5 is currently unavailable for purchase. We are hard at work on an update for modern systems!

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Training Videos

Introduction to Task Timer

Working with Reports


“Your product has increased my revenue by 30%…” (David C.)

“Its ability to view events for a particular day, month, or even year is very helpful when tracking the history of various issues or projects. The reporting feature is easy to use and, with its filters is very customizable. This is saving me quite a bit of time on weekly timesheets and dealing with project issues.”  (SteveRB511)

“Great way to track time spent by client, project and task to be sure you are billing completely and accurately. Easy to configure, simple to use, and reports are easy to generate.  Author is responsive to user comments and updates keep making a GREAT product better.  Well worth $15.  In fact it generated almost $200 in a week in ‘missed’ billings.”  (AVFolk)

“I really love having the multiple timer interface because it allows me to switch quickly between my most common tasks. This is a really really great improvement. Setting the “Allow only one timer active at a time” option lets me change tasks with just two clicks – this is great.” (Carl W)

“I wouldn’t want to live without Task Timer today. It’s clean, simple and effective. BKeeney Software Inc. has been very responsive to every minor issue I have had.” (Tim F)

“I found it so useful in a busy environment that I have actively pushed for it to be used site wide. Its an integral part of our work monitoring system, and has enabled us to recoup a great deal of money each month.” (Paul E)

“I love your timer and use it all the time!”  (Greg G)

“I really do find your little app very useful. I have recommended it to everyone I know and at least a couple of friends have purchased it already. Once again many thanks!!”  (John M.)

“Wow great tool, the best I’ve found so far.” (Francois S.)

“Gotta say again – I just LOVE your Task Timer!”

“I’m a writer and I’m always working on multiple projects.  Some are for myself (like my novel) and some are rent paying contracts.”

“Your wonderful timer keeps me on track and organized.”  (Pam B.)

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