Task Timer 4.2.5 Released For Mac OS X and Windows

Task Timer version 4.2.5 is available for Mac OS X and Windows.  This is a maintenance release and is recommended for all users.

More info can be found at http://www.bkeeney.com/products/tasktimer4 

Change List: 

Bug Fix  [ALL]  Events List Window.  Sorting by start/stop times now works properly.

Bug Fix  [ALL]  Timing window column totals now refreshes after the events window has been updated.

Enhancement [Mac] Dock menu is now hierarchical 

Enhancement [Mac] Status menu is now hierarchical

Enhancement [Mac] Will ask if you want to copy Task Timer to applications folder if it starts up elsewhere.

New [Windows] Added a system tray icon that allows user to start/stop timers without switching to Task Timer