Slideshow Magic Version History

Version  Date  Notes 
11/6/2012 Slideshow Magic discontinued.  No further development is planned on the product.
6.1.3 6/2/2010 Bug Fix [ALL] Fixed a bug on the compressor type on soundtracks (affected sound file imports)
6.1.2 4/12/2010 Bug Fix [ALL] Moved Survey to Help Menu 
Bug Fix [ALL] Fixed some minor registration issues 
Bug Fix [ALL] If the there is no title the title background is no longer displayed 
Bug Fix [ALL] Can now build movies larger than 999 x 999 pixels 
Bug Fix [Mac] Eliminated an error that occurs when checking if the app is in the Applications folder 
Bug Fix [Windows] Fixed a Windows 7 error at startup 
Bug Fix [MAC] Removed a problematic class that caused some users to experience crashes at startup. 
Enhancement [ALL] Updated libraries
 6.1.1 11/17/2009 


Bug Fix [ALL]  Licensing Window should now close properly

Enhancement [Mac] Installation in non-Applications folder now prompts user if they want to move to Apps folder.

Bug Fix [ALL]  Fixed an internal preferences issue.


 6.1 11/12/2009 


Enhancement:  [ALL]  New Registration System

Enhancement:  [Mac]  Updated for better Snow Leopard Compatibility

Enhancement:  [Windows]  Updated for better Windows 7 Compatibility 


 6.0.2 5/30/2009 
  • Bug Fix:  Fixed a hard crash when building the movie on certain installations of Mac OS X.
  • Bug Fix:  Changing the order of the slideshow now updates the effects preview properly.
 6.0.1  4/10/2009
  • Enhancement:  The effect preview movie is now much faster.  This is done by decreasing the duration, frame rate, and the depth.  Note that this will decrease quality but in the preview only.  Final movies are rendered at full quality.
  • Bug Fix:  Changing the position of a slide in the list now causes the effect preview to update properly.
  • Bug Fix:  Title property changes now cause the preview to update properly.
 6.0  3/4/2009


  • New Version!  THIS IS A PAID UPDATE!
  • New Actions Menu
  • New effects preview
  • Dozens of minor bug fixes and enhancements 


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