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Why Xojo?

Xojo is an excellent development tool if you need Macintosh, Windows, or Linux versions of your desktop or web application.  Xojo (formerly Real Studio) lets you save time and money by using just one code base.  It truly is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool using a modern BASIC language allowing you to focus on features rather than coding.

Don’t let the word ‘basic’ fool you.  Xojo is a modern, object-oriented development language that is very powerful that compiles down to a native executable (no runtime environment!).  It allows knowledgable developers to create feature-rich applications quickly and easily.  The Xojo IDE (Integrated Development Environment) combines most of the editors you need into one package – delivering powerful integrated features.  The integrated compiler lets you see your application running in seconds and lets you develop on one platform (say Mac OS X) and deliver native executables for the other platforms (like Windows and Linux).

There are many differences between platforms.  The mature Xojo framework hides many of the gory details from the developer and when it comes time for a customized solution Xojo is a good choice.

Xojo Consultants

BKeeney Software has over twelve years of Xojo experience developing Xojo desktop and web applications.  Our Xojo developers have created dozens of commercial applications for businesses all over the world and for companies of all sizes.  We’ve worked for the little mom and pop business on the corner and have developed software for Fortune 100 companies (that are thankfully still in business!).

We have been very active in the community.  We’ve been sponsors for multiple Real Studio and Xojo conferences where our developers have led dozens of sessions.  We have written dozens of articles, tutorials, and example projects for other developers to learn new coding techniques.

Want more proof that we know Xojo?  Check out our thirty-six plus hours of Xojo training and projects that we’ve created for other developers to learn this powerful language!  Enter our training area written in Xojo Web Edition to start learning Xojo yourself!

Have a Visual Basic 5/6 application you need to convert?  Take a look at our Visual Basic 6 Project Analyzer which lets you send us metrics on your project without us seeing a single line of your code!

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