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Xojo Stuff

Xojo is a tool for cross-platform software development. It does have some limitations that with a little work can be overcome. BKeeney Software has been using Xojo for over ten years and have done Visual Basic programming for seven or eight years and we’ve done some rather large projects with both.

Disclaimer: BKeeney Software Inc. makes no claim to how well any particular solution works and is up to the individual to do additional research before using any software or technique in any product.

If you find anything you’d like to add to these pages, please drop us a line.


So you’ve got that great database or graphics application. Looks great on the screen and now you have to get it to print. In the Windows world, regardless of the programming language, you would probably use Crystal Reports or Data Reports. Both are fairly easy to use and there’s lot’s of help out there for them. And you can use them in Xojo for Windows (not that I’ve tried) but that leaves you out in the cold if you are a Macintosh or Linux Xojo programmer and it certainly doesn’t work with cross platform solutions.

BKeeney Shorts (Our In House Tool)

Real Software Reports (the built-in tool)

Graphics object Reports (Doing it yourself!)

SmartSQL Xojo

Sometimes dealing with databases in Real Studio is a pain. Sometimes you have to use a DatabaseRecord object and other times you have to use a Recordset object and sometimes you have to use SQL statements. SmartSQL is class designed to easily create select, insert, update and delete SQL statements. Find out more. This is a port of the popular SmartSQL class found on FreeVBCode.net.

ActiveRecord for Xojo

Working with databases in Xojo is really easy, but it has several disadvantages. It’s tedious with the same code over and over and over again. The IDE does nothing to help you because it knows nothing about the table and field names nor about the field data types. ActiveRecord is one way to eliminate all of those issues. Find out more here.

Code Obfuscator

A free utility! Hide strings from prying eyes. If you have strings in your applications, such as passwords, database names, IP Addresses, usernames or any other sensitive information you really should be hiding them. Obfuscate is a simple utility that lets you input your string and it provides Xojo/Real Studio code to make it harder for people with a hex editor to find that information. More information here.


Using Valentina for Real Studio/Xojo in Mac OS X requires some additional installation of items into the Bundle. VInstaller will help you do that. More info here.

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