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black fountain penThe Formatted Text Control (FTC) is a canvas based control for Xojo that implements word processor capabilities similar to Apple Pages or Microsoft Word. The FTC is a canvas (technically Text Input Canvas) based control  for Xojo that allows you to instantly add word processing capabilities to your applications. The FTC supports Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The FTC is completely written in Xojo.FTC Features:


  • Four display modes including page, normal, edit, and single line
  • RTF support including hyperlink and picture support
  • A full range of paragraph and character styles
  • Picture support
  • Custom object support for adding application specific items
  • Built in undo management
  • Many customization options to adapt the FTC to your application
  • Highly optimized code written in Real Studio for maximum flexibility

For a more complete list of features and capabilities, see the FTC User Guide in the demo download. Run the demo application to see the FTC in action!

What’s in Version 3

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Added Hyperlink Support
  • Added AutoComplete Support
  • Added Retina Display Support (Cocoa Only and when the app plist is configured properly)
  • Added Autocomplete Support
  • Added Text Shadow Support (Contributed by Paul Levine)
  • Added Text Opacity Support (Contributed by Paul Levine)
  • Added FTCustom double click event in parent control
  • Greatly improved HTML Export
  • Rewritten RTF Reader
  • Rewritten Undo Manager
  • Removed Spell Check Utilities Plugin requirement.  Look at the FTConfiguration constant SSCE_SPELLCHECK_ENABLED
  • Removed FTCharts
  • New, smaller demo projects
  • Added MakeTextBigger/MakeTextSmaller functions
  • FTIterator class now passes FTCustom objects (if any) instead of the FTPicture base class

Bug Fixes:

  • Redo capacity no longer set to one
  • Tab support is now automatic (Contributed by Marco Bambini)
  • Fixed the Date Mask in the FTEdit Field Demo
  • Drag text locations now work properly
  • Fixed Windows printing bug for Real Studio versions less than 2012 R1
  • Better Cocoa support
  • DragItem now uses TrueWindow in case the parent window is a Container
  • Shift Down Arrow can now select the last line of the document
  • Arrow keys now fire the ChangeInsertionPoint event
  • Fixed drawing issue with cursor drawing in the wrong spot in the first paragraph when there’s a Space Before Paragraph
  • Many others!

 Complete version history

Minimum Requirements

The FTC is supported for latest Xojo release and one release back. It’s possible it will work in later versions but that is unsupported.

The FTC provides the infrastructure for spell checking, but does not provide the actual spell checking software. The FTC demo uses the BKS Spell Checker plugin as the base spell checker and may be purchased separately. You may use any spell checking software you like with the FTC.

If you want to run the optional regression test suite in the FTC demo application, you will need the “MBS REALbasic ComputerControl Plugin.”


Formatted TextScreenSnapz003 Formatted TextScreenSnapz002Formatted TextScreenSnapz001

FTC is now owned and maintained by another developer.  More information to follow!




Downloads Version 3

FTC 3.0 User Guide
FTC 3.0 User Guide
FTC User Guide.pdf
Version: 3.1.3
1.1 MiB

Formatted Text Demo MAC
Formatted Text Demo MAC
Version: 3.2.0
9.6 MiB
Formatted Text Demo WIN
Formatted Text Demo WIN
Version: 3.2.0
14.7 MiB

Demo Applications




Older Versions

To unlock the FTC archive you need to download the “FTC Decryptor” application and use your serial number with this application.
Formatted Text Control Demo 2.4.1
FTC Decryptor 2.1
Formatted Text Control 2.4.1


Formatted Text Control 2.4.2 Beta 1


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