Do You Charge By the Hour?

Many professions charge clients by the hour.  Lawyers, graphic designers, consultants, and contractors often have to track their time for billing purposes.  It’s important therefore to have some sort of tracking system in place.

Task Timer tracks time on a particular project and task to the nearest minute.  Many time trackers are simple timers that the user can pause as often as they want.  This is not ideal because there’s no transparency in the time tracking for the client.  If the client wants to audit the hours they’ll only get a vague understanding of the actual times involved.

Transparency is critical in client billing.  Task Timer’s hard start and stop times represent when the user was actually working on the project.  If they were interrupted by another project and started another timer, by default, the first timer is stopped and the second is started (there is an option to have simultaneous timers, however). 

When reporting time, Task Timer has multiple ways of reporting it.  First you can report straight events or a summarized version.  You can filter by date range and by project and you can can control various rounding and minimum time parameters.  For example, if your organization rounds up to the next 15 minutes you can easily do this but also ignore any events that don’t last longer than 5 minutes.  This gives you excellent control over what you report to the client.