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Experience Counts

Let BKeeney Software help you with your project.  Our staff has decades of project management, programming and database management services experience.  Don’t be fooled by a part-time rent-a-coder working out of their basement.  Go with a company that has multiple full-time developers and managers with a proven track record.

Project Management Experience

A lot of companies can code for your project and some of them can do it well but can they manage the project so that it doesn’t cost you significantly more time and money down the road?  BKeeney Software’s professional consultants have decades of experience managing projects and know that the most important work is done upfront, before any coding begins.  Our experts have done projects for large multi-national corporations as well as the business next door so we know the challenges each of those businesses face.

Application Development Experience

BKeeney Software has worked on dozens of commercial applications and countless internal applications written in a variety of languages including Microsoft Visual Basic,  Xojo by Xojo, Inc, Apple’s Cocoa and C++.   We are Xojo (formerly called Real Studio) developers with dozens of commercial products that we’ve written for our clients all over the world.  We’ve done desktop and web applications for Fortune 100 companies and for the local business owners and even a Yogi working on top of a mountain in Nepal!

Check out our Past Projects page to get a sampling of some of the work we’ve done over the years for companies that are large, small and somewhere in between.

Database Experience

Don’t trust your data to just anyone.  Knowing and understanding your data is as important to the success of your project as the application front-end.  BKeeney Software has used most of the popular databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CubeSQL, SQLite, Valentina and others.  Each project has different needs so each project gets a careful evaluation of its database requirements before we start coding.

Reporting Tools

Getting the information into the hands of your users and executives and in a format they can understand is critical.  Your reports must be clear and concise.  BKeeney Software uses a variety of reporting tools including Crystal Reports, Active Reports, RSReport, Valentina Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Sybase InfoMaker and Jasper Reports.  We’ve even written our own reporting tool, BKeeney Shorts, and is used in many of our consulting projects.


Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system on the planet but are you ignoring a segment of the market or ignoring your Linux and Macintosh users down the hall?  BKeeney Software can make your application work natively for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS X and most varieties of Linux using a single code base.  In most cases, we can even make your application work with a simple drag-and-drop installation on all three platforms.  This means no more DLL issues and less tech support costs due to system variances.  And, let’s face it, companies that use cross platform applications can pick and choose the operating system that makes the most sense to them right now and in the future.

Visual Basic 6 to Xojo Conversion Services

For a free, no obligation estimate on what it would take to convert your Visual Basic 6 project to Xojo, please take a look at our VB6 Analyzer application here.  It is written, appropriately enough, in Xojo and allows us to quickly and easily determine how much work is required to convert from VB6 to Xojo.

Contact Us!

We can’t help if you don’t contact us.  We’ll gladly have one of our experienced professionals contact you to see if we can help you with your project.

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