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Xojo Trainer is a Mac OS X and Windows application that gives you high quality Xojo and Real Studio training videos, with over 55 hours of content, along with over a hundred project files with source code you can use in your own projects. These videos have helped thousands of developers around the world become familiar with Xojo and how to code cross-platform desktop and browser agnostic web applications using one of the best cross-platform development tools around!  Now these great videos are available to you as a part of a desktop application so you can learn even if you don’t have an internet connection!

Xojo Trainer is current with the online training as of February, 2015.  This product is no longer for sale.

Your host, Bob Keeney, has over a dozen years of experience using Xojo in his Xojo consulting business. BKeeney Software has written hundreds of commercial and private applications for clients around the world. With multiple full-time developers, BKeeney Software has written software for the mom and pop shop just down the street and for Fortune 100 clients.

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Bob has written for Xojo Developer Magazine, writes regularly about Xojo Development on his blog at www.bkeeneybriefs.com, has spoken at multiple Xojo developer conferences, and has developed a number of popular Xojo controls, libraries, and utilities.

This application is written, of course, in Xojo and works the same on Mac OS X and Windows.

This product is shipped on a 32 GB flash drive, but in special circumstances we can offer a download link.


  • The same high quality video that has trained thousands of Xojo developers via online streaming
  • Hundreds of Xojo project files with source code that you can use in your own projects
  • Search for specific terms using the built-in SearchField
  • Resize the window or have the video go full-screen
  • Two complete desktop app projects from start to finish
  • One complete web application project from start to finish
  • Work at your own pace on your own time without being online!


Want more information on what’s in each video?  Take a look at our tag listing!


Purchase Xojo Trainer

The Xojo Trainer is priced at $275 USD.

This product is no longer for sale and we have no plans for making a new version.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.7 or better

Windows 7 or better

Sorry, Linux is not offered