Task Timer 6 – Version History

Task Timer 6 – Version History

Version 6.0.11 – Released Mar 21, 2020

* Mac: Holding down Option key when checking/unchecking Exclude project from report will perform the same action on all subsequent rows
* Win: Holding down Alt key when checking/unchecking Exclude project from report will perform the same action on all subsequent rows

Version 6.0.10 – Released Dec 31, 2019

* Import handles time sessions related to a global task correctly

Version 6.0.9 – Released Dec 28, 2019

* Can now toggle inactive items from the task list contextual menu

* Time sessions that roll over a date range are properly reported

* Import 5.x Data will now ask for the data file when it can’t be automatically located

Version 6.0.8 – Released Nov 20, 2019

* Show Data File on Mojave works correctly
* Time change notification no longer causes an overflow of messages

Version 6.0.7 – Released Oct 17, 2019

* Manual time sessions now assist in setting the start time
* Split Event shortcut is now cmd-L to avoid save-tendencies (#69)

* Windows users can now Export as CSV
* Rare instance where event viewer could show more than desired
* Running a report before selecting one from the manager no longer causes an exception
* Projects and tasks with an ampersand show correctly in Popup Menus (#70)
* When splitting an event, changing the stop time of the first event sets the start time for the second

Version 6.0.5 – Released Oct 1, 2019

* Press A or P to change the AM/PM of time fields (#67)
* Export “See Data” table as CSV (#68)
* Export event list reports as CSV from the report viewer)

* Improved activation process automation

Version 6.0.3 – Released Sep 11, 2019

* Can now suppress zero hour subtotal groups when running a summary report (#66)

* Status Item will show (0.00) for day total if day total is zero

* When a day rollover occurs the main window will rollover correctly (#56)
* Deleting a time session updates the day total (#63)
* Sleep no longer triggers a timer change warning (#65)

Version 6.0.2 – Released July 23, 2019

* Timer window retains selection between launches (#55)

* Stopping a timer updates all display windows (#48)
* Reports Manager date filter now has full calendars to help visualize relative timeframes (#53)
* Adding a manual time session now uses the current display timeframe as the default start date (#57)

* Splitting time sessions no longer creates invalid sessions
* Add / Edit / Delete a Project or Task now updates the menu bar item
* Can no longer paste styled text into notes fields (#58)

Version 6.0 – Released July 3, 2019

New Version:
* Redesigned main interface
* Significantly improved performance
* Relocatable database file