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As of May 20, 2021 Task Timer is End of Life and no longer for sale.  We plan on shutting off the license server in mid-July 2021.  Thank you for your support.


This product is no longer for sale.

Version History


macOS 10.11 El Capitan or newer
Windows 7 SP 1 or newer

Feature Highlights

  • Unlimited number of projects and tasks
  • Global Tasks that all projects share
  • Time multiple events simultaneously or restrict to one timer at a time
  • Run reports quickly with relative date range report templates
  • Customize an unlimited number of report template variations
  • Print or export reports to PDF
  • View daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals without leaving the main window
  • See current elapsed time in the macOS dock icon or menubar item
  • Move the database anywhere for easy synchronization
  • View and modify time sessions with the Events Manager
  • Quickly split and join events

Task Timer session manager on WindowsNever lose money again!

Track your time accurately with Task Timer. Get back lost time by knowing how much time was spent on any project. Use historical time tracking data to improve your estimates. Never again find yourself guessing at billing.

Unlimited categorization possibilities

Categorize tasks with projects to track time in any way that works for you. Our unique system caters to small businesses and individuals with it’s Project/Client to Task relationship.

Fine-tuned operational control

Task Timer allows for multiple simultaneous timers, or can restrict timers to one at a time. The Events Manager can correct start and stop times for events; or round your billable minutes without modifying the event times.

Reporting for duty

Reporting with Task Timer is quick and easy with our improved custom reporting tools. Specify a relative date range, like ‘Last Week’ or ‘Last Quarter’ and Task Timer will generate the reports using that relative date range. This makes tracking and reporting your hours simple and easy.

Task Timer Reports Manager on Mac

Task Timer summary report preview on Windows

What’s new in Task Timer 6

Task Timer main window on Mac

  • Significantly improved performance
    • Launch faster than Task Timer 5
    • Start billing immediately
    • Use less system resources
    • Better laptop battery life
  • Easy to understand interface design
    • Create, edit, and manage projects and tasks in the main window
    • Less crowding to easily see and control timers
  • Database storage location control
    • Only available in non-App Store versions
    • Move the database to any location
    • Open an existing database in any location
    • Can be used to sync database across devices!

User feedback

“Your product has increased my revenue by 30%” – David C.

“Its ability to view events for a particular day, month, or even year is very helpful when tracking the history of various issues or projects. The reporting feature is easy to use and, with its filters is very customizable. This is saving me quite a bit of time on weekly timesheets and dealing with project issues.” – SteveRB511

“I found it so useful in a busy environment that I have actively pushed for it to be used site wide. Its an integral part of our work monitoring system, and has enabled us to recoup a great deal of money each month.” – Paul E

“I love your timer and use it all the time!” – Greg G.

Your wonderful timer keeps me on track and organized. – Pam B.

“Great way to track time spent by client, project and task to be sure you are billing completely and accurately. Easy to configure, simple to use, and reports are easy to generate. Author is responsive to user comments and updates keep making a GREAT product better. Well worth [the price]. In fact it generated almost $200 in a week in ‘missed’ billings.” – AVFolk