PDF Classes

Note:  This class is no longer for sale.  Contact us if you have questions.
This set of Xojo classes allow Xojo developers to create Adobe PDF documents from their Xojo applications. PDFs with text, lines, rectangles, ovals, pictures, bézier curves, tables, and more are supported.

Advanced features are:

  • Font embedding
  • PDF table of contents (PDF bookmarks) generation
  • Drawing images to PDFs from console applications

FontsPDF Classes

When displaying text in a PDF, you must specify the font to display it in. Even when fonts are not being embedded, these classes have to read the font file to gather certain font information. This means that the PDF can only be generated if the requested font is installed on the local computer, and only if it is in a format understood by these classes. Currently, only TrueType fonts (and all derivants on Mac OS) are supported. If a requested font cannot be found, a PDFDocumentException is raised.

Console Apps

The PDF Classes can be used in console apps. However, some functions and classes obvously cannot work. To compile a console app, delete the PDFPictureImage class and the PDFGUIOnlyFunctions module.


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Source Code Example

PDF Classes Code


Note:  This class can no longer be downloaded.   Contact us if you have questions.
Xojo 2013 R4.1 and better.  Older versions of Xojo and Real Studio may still work but are unsupported.
Mac OS X (10.7 and above) and Windows (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8).  Older versions may still work but are unsupported.

Version History

  • August 07, 2014 First Public Beta